FOCUS on Care

Care Management

Care Management is one of many services offered by Focus HealthCare Solutions. Services are initiated by providing an assessment to determine a client’s needs and desires for specific resources and referrals. Client care is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure needs are being met in various areas of one’s life.


Consumer-directed services are a concept of care that assumes clients have the right and ability to determine how their needs will be met, and who will provide the service. Those receiving care are much more in control of their services in several ways. The ability to hire family or friends for homemaking or personal care, as well as defining the tasks to be performed are a couple of examples of what makes this program unique. The aspect of choosing your own caregiver is especially useful in rural areas and provides more flexibility in schedule times than traditional care. With the consumer as the employer, financial aspects are handled by Focus Healthcare as a vendor. This eases the burden of the caregiver’s responsibility to report tax liabilities and to perform payroll tasks. Consumer Directed Services are extended to individuals enrolled in State Medicaid Programs or as a self pay alternative.

Focus on Kids


Focus offers care to children & families with disabilities.  Care is offered before & after school, holidays, and breaks.  Care is provided by trained aides or licensed nursing staff.