Private Duty Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled services available for the care of ventilators, feeding tubes, tracheotomies, IV medications and ongoing support and care for both pediatrics and adults.

Blood Draws and Specimen Collection

Save a trip to the doctor’s office by allowing Focus to collect the specimen in your home and deliver it to the lab. Follow-up is provided to ensure results are reviewed by your physician.

Medication Management

Working together with your doctor, we can set up meds for a week to a month at a time, addressing changes in orders as they occur. We will update the doctor as needed on your condition and monitor medications for interactions and adverse reactions.

Diabetic Nail Care

Diabetics and others with compromised circulation can receive a visit from a nurse for nail care, including soaking and trimming of nails. We will contact the doctor as necessary if there are any concerns noted by our nurse.

Care Coordination

Access assistance from a Senior Care Specialist to help with transitioning between care facilities and to help navigate the ever changing health care system.

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