“I like that Focus Healthcare Solutions listens to what I have to say and helps me out”

“Any question I might have they are there to reassure me what’s going on”

“I like she’s always on time and no matter what I need, she does what I need to get it done”

“They are able to diffuse the situation when he is angry. They also want to be here for us”

“I like that they’re very friendly and they’re understanding, and they seem to understand the issues that I’m dealing with”

“The caregivers were really compassionate and they kept a close eye on the client”

“Thank you for caring for our mother during her last days. It was hard being so far away but your team was greatly appreciated. Many contributed and we want to thank you all.”

“They are very responsive and always makes sure we are satisfied.”

“The caregiver I have is good at companionship. We can talk and express our feelings. That is important to me.”

“I would be in Assisted Living if not for Focus.”