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Goal-Centered Care Planning

We believe strongly that home is where you succeed! Our mission is to help our clients enjoy as much time in their own homes as possible, whether it is helping them through recovery from a serious illness or surgery, providing ongoing support to those with disabilities, or easing the end-of-life transition.

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Compatible Caregivers

Our highest priority when beginning new client relationships is to understand the needs, personalities, and preferences of those needing care so we can identify the best possible caregiver match. This process starts from our very first meeting. We take the time to learn about the lives of the individuals we care for — not just their medical history, but their life’s story.

One of the biggest hesitations people have when considering the option of in-home care is, “What if I don’t like the person they send?” We understand that it can be difficult to open your life and home to a new person who may be assisting with very personal care needs. We work from day one to match clients and caregivers that we feel will be the best fit. We want our clients to feel comfortable with our caregivers and we want our caregivers to truly enjoy the clients that they serve. When we make the right caregiver and client matches, it generates a personal connection that results in caregivers and clients both sharing a positive experience.

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Included in All Care Plans

Respite & Companion Care

Respite and companion care is provided for all clients, regardless of other medical needs. If your loved one needs encouragement to get engaged in games, puzzles, activities, meal preparation, hygiene assistance or just a companion to reminisce with, Focus can work with the family to create a comforting experience in the home. The amount of respite and companion care time and types of activities will vary from client to client and are based on the number of hours per week contracted as well as the client’s abilities and interests.

In-home Safety Review

The nurse or care coordinator will do a walkthrough of the home and point out safety concerns that may need to be addressed. Safety recommendations may include:

  • Installation of grab bars in bathrooms
  • Carpets adequately stretched and rugs tacked down to prevent falls
  • Gun safes/closets locked
  • Chair lifts or ramps installed
  • Clutter removed or re-organized
  • Doorways modified to allow wheelchair access
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Medically Related Care at Home

Our customizable in-home health services include, but are not limited to, the following: