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Exceptional home care families can count on

We believe strongly that home is where you succeed! Our mission is to help our clients enjoy as much time in their own homes as possible, whether it is helping them through recovery from a serious illness or surgery, providing ongoing support to those with disabilities, or easing the end-of-life transition. 

Goal-Centered Care Planning

We take a multi-step approach to helping clients and families determine their care needs. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we tailor each plan to best meet everyone’s goals. Learn more about our comprehensive evaluation and care planning process below.

Female caregiver in white jacket smiling with arm around smiling elderly woman.
Step One:

Meet Your Care Coordinator

You’ll begin your care planning process with our Senior Resource Specialist who will match you with a dedicated Care Coordinator based on the level of care required. Your Care Coordinator will be the main point of contact for all your care needs. They will make sure the small details that matter most to you will be communicated and addressed.  

Your Focus Care Coordinator will take the time to get to know you, your family, and your situation and help you develop a care plan that fits your needs. Not only is your Care Coordinator there during the initial planning stages, they will be with you throughout your experience with Focus HealthCare. As your needs change, they will adjust your care plan and make sure everyone involved stays informed and aware of changes being made.

Having one single point of contact that understands your needs, and is your personal advocate to facilitate meeting your goals, is why Focus is the best choice for your in-home care needs. Care Coordinators will help you connect to the best resources and referral partners to ensure your needs are met in the comfort of your home.

Call or email today to begin your new client experience.

Step Two:

Find the Best Caregiver Match

Our highest priority when beginning new client relationships is to understand the needs, personalities, and preferences of those needing care so we can identify the best possible caregiver match. This process starts from our very first meeting. We take the time to learn about the lives of the individuals we care for — not just their medical history, but their life’s story.

One of the biggest hesitations people have when considering the option of in-home care is, “What if I don’t like the person they send?” We understand that it can be difficult to open your life and home to a new person who may be assisting with very personal care needs. We work from day one to match clients and caregivers that we feel will be the best fit. We want our clients to feel comfortable with our caregivers and we want our caregivers to truly enjoy the clients that they serve. When we make the right caregiver and client matches, it generates a personal connection that results in caregivers and clients both sharing a positive experience.

Step Three:

In-Home Safety Review

The nurse or care coordinator will do a walkthrough of the home and point out safety concerns that may need to be addressed. Safety recommendations may include:

  • Installation of grab bars in bathrooms
  • Carpets adequately stretched and rugs tacked down to prevent falls
  • Gun safes/closets locked
  • Chair lifts or ramps installed
  • Clutter removed or reorganized
  • Doorways modified to allow wheelchair access
Step Four:

Customize Your Care Plan

Respite and companion care is provided for all clients, regardless of other medical needs. If your loved one needs encouragement to get engaged in games, puzzles, activities, meal preparation, hygiene assistance or just a companion to reminisce with, Focus can work with the family to create a comforting experience in the home.

The amount of respite and companion care time and types of activities will vary from client to client and are based on the number of contracted hours per week as well as the client’s abilities and interests.

In addition to respite/companion care, Focus also provides medically-related care in a number of specialized areas.

Medically Related Care

Our on-staff nurses oversee a variety of specialized, medically-related care. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Families with a goal of remaining at home for the duration of life sometimes face challenges in regards increasing care needs as their loved one declines. Our caregivers have specialized training in Advanced Personal Care (APC) to assist with things like catheters, transfer devices (hoyer lifts, slide boards, sit-to-stands), ostomies, and range-of-motion for a person with severely limited mobility. Our APC trained staff can manage all of these needs in the privacy of your home.

Allow one of our Dementia Care certified caregivers to support your plan to keep a loved one at home. The experience of caring for an aging person with cognitive difficulties can be challenging. Focus Healthcare has specially trained caregivers to deliver customized goal-centered care with a schedule to meet your specific needs.

Our caregivers help prepare meals for diabetic clients in accordance with a meal plan set by their doctor or nutritionist (e.g. low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, vegetarian, or vegan), manage medications, and promote physical activity. We also provide support, education, and assistance to diabetic patients and their families.

Common issues that our diabetic clients contend with are wounds or foot ulcers, new medications, and underlying disease processes that may contribute to poor diabetic control. Our Diabetes Care Certified caregivers are equipped to handle all these scenarios and work with each client to develop an individualize care plan.

Our licensed nurses assist our clients with medications, vitals assessment, catheters, feeding tubes, bandage changes, wound care, and other medical services. You can rest easy knowing a medical professional is evaluating and attending to your loved one and will follow up with responsible parties and other medical professionals as indicated — from ordering medication refills and setting them up, to communicating with the physician, and managing changes in care. Our licensed nurses can take the stress out of managing your loved one’s daily, ongoing, medical needs.

Providing comfort care can make a significant difference in quality of life. During this special time Focus End-of-Life Certified staff work to provide care that supports the family’s overall goals through open and ongoing communication with all involved parties. Our caregivers’ in-depth knowledge, skills, and empathy are comforting and reassuring to the entire family as they navigate the stress and challenges of end-of-life care. Our goal is always to help families create a memorable, special, and unique end-of-life experience and ease some of the hardships families face during this time.

Our BEYOND THE ER (BETER) Care Package is designed to assist with transitions from hospital, ER, or rehab to home. Transitioning from a facility or an emergency room visit can have many challenges. There is so much to do and many unknowns about how the person will respond and adapt to the necessary changes in their environment and schedule. The BETER Care Package addresses those uncertainties and provides a safety net while we slowly transition your loved one to increasing levels of independence.

Our tapered 30-day plan, starting with 24/7 care for 1 week and gradually decreasing the hours per day each week for 4 weeks, increases the likelihood of success at home. This plan includes nursing oversight and support on a weekly basis, personal care services, assistance with prescribed physical therapy treatments, transportation to follow up appointments, light housekeeping to keep up with laundry and other household chores, and cleaning out and restocking the refrigerator after a stint away from home.

Value Added Services

Get more value from your home care experience with Focus Healthcare Value Added Services, available to those with greater than 20 hours of care needs per week. Choose from:

  • In-home haircut
  • Nurse visit
  • Transportation service

Value Added Service add-ons are available once per quarter.

our Service Area

Serving 14 counties in the Kansas City metro area

With three locations across the metro in Lee’s Summit, Lenexa and Liberty, Focus provides all levels of care to the following counties:

  • Atchison
  • Buchanan
  • Caldwell
  • Cass
  • Clay
  • Clinton
  • Jackson
  • Johnson (MO and KS)
  • Lafayette
  • Leavenworth
  • Platte
  • Wyandotte

Learn About Payment Options & Resources

We support a variety of payment options and are happy to assist families in finding legal, financial, and other types of support within their communities. Click the button below for a list of accepted payment methods and community resources that you or your loved one may be eligible for.