Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about our services or in-home healthcare in general.

Yes. We take Medicare and Medicaid.

We accept all major insurance carriers, including Healthcare Marketplace plans, as long as those carriers provide long-term healthcare coverage.

We also take direct payment from individuals and families, supplementary assistance from community organizations and grants on behalf of our clients, and payments from government institutions such as Workman’s Compensation (Deptartment of Labor) and the Veterans Administration (VA).

The time it takes for us to set up a care plan and assign a caregiver depends on the current availability of our staff and each client’s own circumstances. Sometimes we can begin providing care in as little as 24 hours, but more often it may be at least one week before care services can begin.

All clients are matched with a dedicated Care Coordinator who is their main point of contact for all their care needs. A Care Coordinator will make sure the small details that matter most to you will be communicated and addressed. They are a resource to assist families navigating the course of remaining safely at home. 

Your Focus Care Coordinator will take the time to get to know you and your situation and continually work through the process of care planning as your loved one’s needs change. Having one single point of contact that understands your needs, and is your personal advocate to facilitate meeting your goals, is why Focus is the best choice for your in-home care needs. Care Coordinators will help you connect to the best resources and referral partners to ensure your needs are met in the comfort of your home.

Possibly. We take clients outside our main service area on a case-by-case basis, so please give us a call at 816-628-5303 to see if we can assist you.

Yes. Our licensed nurses assist our clients with medications, vitals assessment, catheters, feeding tubes, bandage changes, wound care, and other medical services. You can rest easy knowing a medical professional is evaluating and attending to your loved one and will follow up with responsible parties and other medical professionals as indicated — from ordering medication refills and setting them up, to communicating with the physician, and managing changes in care. Our licensed nurses can take the stress out of managing your loved one’s daily, ongoing, medical needs.

Visit our Ceca Award Nomination page for instructions on how to nominate a caregiver.