For the second year in a row, the 2023 National Ceca Award Winner is a Focus Healthcare employee. Last year the award was given to Focus caregiver Ashley Crawley and this year Focus caregiver Carla Castellano is the chosen recipient.

This is the first time in 10 years that the Ceca Foundation has had a national award recipient from the same company two years in a row. We are so thrilled that the quality of work, empathy, and enthusiasm that our caregivers bring to clients year after year continues to receive national recognition.

As a professional caregiver at Focus Healthcare, Carla garnered 38 heartfelt nominations, predominantly from patients and their loved ones.

She is described as a genuine “angel” by most that meet her and her exceptional dedication and care have left an indelible mark. One nomination highlights her going above and beyond for a quadriplegic client, far surpassing that client’s experiences with other caregivers. For another client, Carla has transformed the caregiving dynamic, creating joy and promoting fun in therapy routines for the client’s physical and mental well-being. Her positive encouragement and caregiving impact has even empowered another client to walk confidently with only a cane.

Beyond her caregiving duties, Carla emerged as a source of emotional support during challenging times, providing a shoulder to cry on after a client tragically lost a son and grandson. Carla is the perfect mix of everything you could want in a caregiver.  

We are so proud to have Carla as part of the Focus Healthcare team and are thankful for the tremendous value she brings to the workplace and to the clients she serves.

The Liberty Courier Tribune also wrote a piece recently about Carla’s achievement if you would like to learn more about Carla and the 2023 National Ceca Award: Read the full article.

Interested in joining our team of award-winning caregivers? Check out our Careers page for current open positions.

Infographic detailing Ceca awards impact on the home healthcare industry, showing 12,000 honored caregivers, 1,300 award recipients, and 31% of staff recognized.

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