Our client Jason is in his 40’s and suffers from the damage caused following a debilitating stroke. His parents are in their 70’s and caring for him in their home with support 5 days a week. In addition to his physical limitations from the stroke, he also lost his ability to communicate verbally.

Our Caregiver, Mary, has been assisting Jason since June of 2022 and over that time has developed trust and consistency with him which has created an atmosphere that fosters his progress. He is now able to communicate better, is slowly regaining some small movements on one side of his body, and is able to stand with assistance. This progress has been a direct result of Jason’s trust in Mary and their combined persistence and refusal to accept that his limitations now will be his limitations forever.

Earlier this year Jason’s family nominated Mary for the annual Ceca Award for being an outstanding caregiver. These are the kind words that they wrote on their nomination form:

“It is a pleasure to nominate Mary as an outstanding caregiver. Mary goes above and beyond in the excellent care she gives to my son, Jason. She is reliable, hardworking, and a very caring person. Mary does her job duties well and efficiently. Mary bonded well with Jason from the beginning. With her encouragement, Jason has made noticeable improvement in his speaking. Mary just started helping with Jason’s range of motion exercises, and already, he is making some improvement in his movement. Mary has a wonderful sense of humor and Jason smiles a lot when she’s around. Our family appreciates all that Mary does. She truly deserves this award.”

When someone is by your side almost every day, believing that you can do more — it helps you have that same faith in yourself. As much as family members may want to be that support, it can be hard when they also have to balance jobs and responsibilities to other family members. It’s our mission to be that extra hand that helps strengthen and broaden support networks, ease pain, improve quality of life, and navigate major life transitions with comfort, care, and dignity.

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