The Focus team were caregivers for Lenora’s mother and were there for Lenora and her father on the day of her mom’s funeral. Now that her father needs care as well, we are happy to continue providing care. It means so much to us that Lenora was so pleased with the care her mom received that she wishes us to continue supporting her and her family through caring for her dad as well.
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“For the last two and a half years, Focus HealthCare Solutions has allowed me to be able to go to work and know that my dad is well taken care of. Our caregiver Linda is really good with my dad. She not only goes out of her way to keep him company, but she also talks to him very gently and sits by him the whole time she is there.

Linda is so kind and patient with getting my dad out of his bed, dressing him, and putting him in his wheelchair. She listens to music with him and tells him who is singing the song, and they even sing along and laugh and talk about old times together.

Linda also does a great job making sure my dad eats, considering he had some weight loss that was a concern, and she makes sure to help maintain his nutrition. She sends me videos and pictures of my dad which is reassuring and puts me at ease since I don’t get to see him by the time I get home from work as he is in bed already.

Linda has become a great friend and I not only love her for her help and dedication to my dad, but my kids really love her also because they love to visit when my dad is up and sitting in the wheelchair since he is so much more alert. When Linda is there, the Chaplin comes out to see my dad because he knows he will be up and able to sing church songs with him.

Linda and Focus HealthCare Solutions have been very accommodating to changes in days and hours needed, including coming out on weekends. We feel so lucky to have Linda taking care of my dad.”

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Our Focused Stories series centers on the positive impacts that in-home care with Focus HealthCare Solutions has had on our clients, their families, and our own caregivers. We hope these stories will help those who are uncertain about in-home health care get a better understanding of what the experience has been like for others and encourage folks to reach out to get the help they need — whether it is with Focus HealthCare Solutions or another resource.

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