This heartwarming story comes from one of our staff, who worked in the field at the time of this story. Susie has worked at Focus for 16 years. She started in the field as a Caregiver and is now a Care Transition Coordinator.

“We had a client by the name of Bernie. He and I seemed to hit it off from the start. We was both country folks — maybe that’s why.

He was never married and only had a nephew that would check on him once in a while. He served in the Army and was oh-so proud of that. So one day when I was down at the VA, I stopped into the store and bought him a WWII veteran’s hat. He was so proud of that, he never took it off!

At one point we were talking about my upcoming wedding and he told me that he had never been to a wedding. So I invited him to mine. The highlight of my wedding was that Focus worked and planned to have him there. We even got him to dance with me.”

About Focus Stories

Our Focused Stories series centers on the positive impacts that in-home care with Focus HealthCare Solutions has had on our clients, their families, and our own caregivers. We hope these stories will help those who are uncertain about in-home health care get a better understanding of what the experience has been like for others and encourage folks to reach out to get the help they need — whether it is with Focus HealthCare Solutions or another resource.

Have a story to tell about your experience with Focus? We’d love to hear it!

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